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2020 The year of Covid 19, and Zoom Online Training

Who would have thought that 2020 was going to be the year where the World was turned upside down??…..it still is! When we were told that RMA was to close its’ doors, we went into shock. What would we do with all our students? How were we going to make a living? How long were we going to stay closed? So may questions and very little in the way of answers. I knew that we had to think quick and take action. Then we hear about Zoom (imagine buying shares in that company?!) Our Kyokushin Branch Instructors had some meetings, on Zoom of course, and decided to get some classes going online. We would take turns and run classes for Juniors and Adults. Students would have to train from the comfort of their homes, dressed in Gis’ whilst we took classes from our dojos’. We so surprised, and relieved to get the support that we did. Our laptop screens filled with little squares made up of loungerooms, bedrooms, garages and more filled with our Branch students. There were many times when we had over 100 karate students training! It was an amazing experience. We did this for approx 3 months.  We had guest Instructors from Sydney and New Zealand and we had the opportunity to train with Instructors from around the World, and even Batman dropped in! All in all it was a learning experience for everyone, and we truly appreciated the support of the Kyokushin Family.

We also managed to duplicate the idea with our Brazilian JiuJitsu and Kickboxing classes. The numbers weren’t as big but the students that participated truly appreciated the opportunity to train. News »

News »

Have you checked out the Student Portal?

2020 was the year that necessity became the mother of invention! Enter the Student Portal. RMA can now offer all our students an online tool that showcases the syllabus requirements for both Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian JiuJitsu through the many video clips that were filmed by our Instructors. These clips are tutorials or mini classes that our students can train alongside or simply study with. Our forced layoff, thanks to COVID Government restrictions forced us to come up with ways that our students can train whilst away from the dojo. It has taken several months of filming and editing to get the product that we now have and it is still a work in progress. We plan to add more clips and mini workshops throughout the year. We love the student portal and we are sure that you will too. Check out one of our BJJ tutorials for our Mat Rats program

Riverina Kyokushin Karate Assoc grows in 2020

When most people battoned down the hatches for a turbulent year, RMAs’ Kyokushin Karate arm, the RKKA, increased its’ student numbers with the addition of the Central West Kyokushin Karate dojo (CWKK) namely the Parkes dojo run by the very talented and knowledgeable Head Instructor, Sensei Michelle Kable. We couldn’t be happy to have Sensei Michelle and her awesome students join us. It is important that country dojos have access to good quality instruction and a sense of connection with other dojos and students. We recently went to Parkes and run some welcome training sessions. They were very well received and we were made to feel welcome. Some of the Parkes students took part in our December grading, where two students received their Blackbelts in a gruelling 7 hour test. Congratulations! News »  

BJJ Grading and MMA Seminar a huge success

News » News » Two very happy 50+ students receive their Brown Belts in 2020

December 16th saw Team Perosh Founder and Head Coach, Anthony Perosh come to Griffith to take a Grading and run an MMA Seminar. The Grading was a great success. Coaches, Frank Cirillo and Peter Moraschi were awarded their Brown Belts after many months, designing a syllabus of Combinations and Counters for Brown Belt requirements. They were also put through a 30 minute drill session that included their own students putting them though their paces in various syllabus based drills. Congratulations to our other students that graded on the night. The skill level was high and Coach Anthony was very impressed with you all.
The MMA Seminar saw 30 participants put though many MMA based scenarios that included grappling, striking, takedowns and wall defense. There was lots of sweat and smiles all round with all students taking away many new skills. Coach Anthony is a World Champion BJJ competitor and spent many years competing in the UFC!