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Coach Anthony Perosh coming May 1st 2024

News »Coach Anthony is bring his bag of knowledge back to Griffith on Wednesday 1st of May at 6pm. He usually gives us a jam packed two hours of drills and the latest new techniques for us to devour. If you are interested in taking part, please leave your name at the front counter. The fee is $70. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner of seasoned practitioner, this workshop will improve your game guaranteed.

Have you checked out the Student Portal?

2020 was the year that necessity became the mother of invention! Enter the Student Portal. RMA can now offer all our students an online tool that showcases the syllabus requirements for both Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian JiuJitsu through the many video clips that were filmed by our Instructors. These clips are tutorials or mini classes that our students can train alongside or simply study with. Our forced layoff, thanks to COVID Government restrictions forced us to come up with ways that our students can train whilst away from the dojo. It has taken several months of filming and editing to get the product that we now have and it is still a work in progress. We plan to add more clips and mini workshops throughout the year. We love the student portal and we are sure that you will too. Check out one of our BJJ tutorials for our Mat Rats program

2021 End of Year Awards

Unfortunately due to Covid I decided not to run our Christmas party. Hopefully we can rectify that in 2022. Usually, at the Christmas Party, we hand out awards to those students that showed us that X Factor during their train efforts for the year. I must admit, I find it hard to single out students for awards because nearly everyone is deserving of recognition. Regardless, these students showed either huge improvements and great spirit this Year.

Little Lions-  

Most Improved- Mila Stellmach

Training Spirit- Sebastian Cappello

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Young Lions-

Most Improved- Rylee Eade and Mitchell Laurie

Training Spirit- Jasmine Lymer

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Adults Kyokushin

Most Improved- Zoe Hughes

Training Spirit- Jocelyn Ramos

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Junior Kyokushin Student of the Year 2021

Bronwyn Domjahn

Senior Kyokushin Student of the Year 2021

Mat Rat BJJ

Most Improved-Allirah Gray

Training Spirit- Winston Nolan

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Adults BJJ

Most Improved Michael Douglas

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Training Spirit

Brooke Luhrs

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Kade Vaccari becomes the fist Junior BJJ student to get to Yellow Belt!

If you looked at Kade Vaccari, you would think he is in his twenties. He is a giant at over 6 feet tall and he is stronger than a mallee bull! Just roll with him and you will find out quickly what a handful Kade is! Mat Rats BJJ has been running for a few years and the drop out rate can be quite high due to the physical demands of Brazilian Jiujitsu. No one has stayed on long enough to achieve a yellow belt. Some students have moved on to the adults class and are now achieving adult ranks. Kade is 15 years old and isn’t quite there for adult grades, but he has become the first junior to receive yellow belt. Coach Pete and I are really proud of Kade’s committment and I can only see great things in Kades future. Well done!

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